2017 Gandhi Peace Award 
Ralph Nader and Omar Barghouti

nader and barghouti
Sunday, April 23
4:00 p.m.
Yale University
Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall
Room 114
1 Prospect Street, New Haven
Free and Open to the Public
The legendary Ralph Nader has done groundbreaking work on a multitude of citizen action projects for decades.  From auto safety to general consumer issues to criticizing nuclear power to  “Breaking Through Power”, Nader has made his mark on history.
Omar Barghouti is a leader of the BDS movement (boycott, divestment and sanctions), putting pressure on the Israeli government to force it to stop its human rights abuses and violations of Palestinian national rights.   See www.bdsmovement.net 
Barghouti is from a family of Palestinian refugees, but only has “permanent resident” status in Israel.  His needs a permit from the Israeli government to travel outside Palestine/Israel.  He had to go to court to get a two month permit that will allow him to to attend the ceremony in New Haven.
The Israeli government is worried and angered about BDS, absurdly calling it an “existential threat”. Recently it passed a law denying entry to Israel to any foreigner (including the stateless non-citizens of the West Bank and Gaza) who calls for BDS against Israel, any area it controls or any Israeli institution.  There is a bill in the U.S. Senate (S.B. #170) that would explicitly give permission to state governments to punish any group that calls for BDS against Israel.
The Gandhi Peace Award has been given out since 1960.  Laureates include Eleanor Roosevelt, Dorothy Day, Cesar Chavez, Amy Goodman, Rabbis Arik Ascherman and Ehud Bandel, Bill McKibben, Medea Benjamin, Tom Goldtooth, and Kathy Kelly
Please come and meet Ralph Nader and Omar Barghouti.





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