Award Laureates

1960   Eleanor Roosevelt
First Lady • Civil Rights Activist • Chmn, UN Comm. on Human Rights

1960   Edwin T. Dahlberg
Interfaith Activist • President of National Council of Churches

1961   Rabbi Maurice Eisendrath
President, Union of Amer. Hebrew Congregations

1961   John Haynes Holmes
Co-Founder, ACLU and NAACP

1962   Linus C. Pauling
Nobel Prize in Chemistry • Nobel Peace Prize • Stockholm Peace Petition

1962   James Paul Warburg
Businessman • Industrialist • Peace Author

1963   E. Stanley Jones
Missionary to India • Popularizer of Gandhian Way • Peace Author

1964   Martin Luther King, Jr.*
Southern Christian Leadership Council • Nobel Peace Prize

1966   A.J. Muste
Progressive Labor Activist • Exec Sec, Fellowship of Reconciliation

1967   Norman Thomas
Early Leader, ACLU • Socialist Candidate for President • Peace Author

1967   Jerome Davis**
Founder, Promoting Enduring Peace • Yale Professor • Labor Rights Activist

1967   William Sloane Coffin, Jr.
Chaplain, Yale • President, SANE/Freeze, Clergy & Laity Concerned

1968   Benjamin Spock
Pediatrician • Co-Founder, SANE/Freeze • Peoples Party Presidential

1970   Wayne Morse
U.S. Senator led Congressional opposition to US War in Vietnam

1970   Willard Uphaus**
President, World Fellowship of Faiths • National Religion and Labor Foundation

1972   U Thant
Secretary General, United Nations • Campaigner for Peace

1974   Daniel Berrigan***
Jesuit Priest • Plowshares Movement • Lamont Prize • Prof, Fordham

1975   Dorothy Day
Founder, Catholic Worker Movement • Progressive Journalist

1976   Daniel Ellsberg
Anti-war Whistleblower and Co-Author, The Pentagon Papers

1978   Peter Benenson • Martin Ennals
Founder & Exec Secretary, Amnesty International • Nobel Peace Prize

1979   Roland Bainton**
Campaigner for Quaker Pacifism • Professor, Yale Divinity School
President of Promoting Enduring Peace

1980   Helen Caldicott
Pediatrician • President, Physicians for Social Responsibility

1981   Corliss Lamont
Civil Libertarian • Progressive Philanthropist-Author-Educator

1982   Randall Watson Forsberg
Nuclear Freeze Campaign • Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies

1984   Robert Jay Lifton
Physicians for Social Responsibility • Professor, Yale, CUNY • National Book Award

1984   Kay Camp
Int’l President, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom • UNESCO

1986   Dr. Bernard Lown
Cardiologist • International Physicians Against Nuclear War • Nobel Peace Prize

1987   Professor John Somerville
Founder, International Philosophers for the Prevention of Nuclear Omnicide

1989   César Chávez
Founder, United Farm Workers of America

1990   Marian Wright Edelman
Founder & President, Children’s Defense Fund • Poor Peoples Campaign

1991   George McGovern
Senator, Anti-War Leader, 1972 Democratic Candidate for President

1992   Ramsey Clark
US Attorney General • International Defense Lawyer

1993   Lucius Walker, Jr.
Founder, IFCO-Pastors for Peace, Cuba Caravans

1994   Roy Bourgeois
Maryknoll Priest • Founder, School of the Americas Watch

1995   Edith Ballantyne
President, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

1996   Alan Wright and Paula Kline
Co-Founders, New Haven/León Sister City Project • SosteNica

1997   Howard Frazier and Alice Zeigler Frazier**
Longest-serving PEP Exec. Dir. • Founding President, Consumer
Federation of America.  Zeigler Frazier:  PEP Co-Executive Director

2002   Michael True
New England Peace Studies Assoc. • Prof, Assumption Coll. • Author

2003   Dennis Kucinich
U.S. Congress & Progressive Caucus • Democratic Candidate for President

2004   David Cortright • Karen Jacob**
SANE/Freeze • Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies • Chmn,
Fourth Freedom Forum. Jacob: President, Promoting Enduring Peace

2011   Arik Ascherman and Ehud Bandel
Rabbis for Human Rights • Bandel: Co-Founder
Ascherman: Exec. Director

2012   Amy Goodman
Progressive Journalist • Co-Founder and Anchor, Democracy Now!

2013   Bill McKibben
Founder, • Distinguished Scholar, Middlebury Coll.
Environmental Activist & Author • American Acad. of Arts & Sciences

2014   Medea Benjamin
Peace Agitator • Co-Founder, Code Pink: Women for Peace
Co-Founder, Global Exchange • Green Party candidate for US Senate

2015 Kathy Kelly and Tom Goldtooth
Kathy Kelly, non-violent anti-war activist— Tom Goldtooth leader of the Indigenous Environmental Network

* Formally accepted the Award, but unable to accept in person
** Board Member, Officer, or Staff of Promoting Enduring Peace
*** Accepted but resigned before Award ceremony

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