Rabbis Ehud Bandel and Arik Ascherman (2011)

Rabbis Ehud Bandel and Arik Ascherman of Rabbis for Human Rights.

Rabbis Acherman, General Secretary of Rabbis for Human Rights and Ehud Bandel, a co-founder of the organization are central figures in Rabbis for Human Rights, the only organization that brings forward the human rights voice in the Jewish tradition.   Rabbis for Human Rights was founded in 1988 and more then 100 rabbis and rabbinical students from all of the denominations are members of the organization. Among other social issues, Rabbis for Human Rights deals with the Palestinian’s human rights in Israel and in the territories. Rabbis Ascherman and Bandel exemplify the struggle for nonviolent ways of resolving the persecution of Palestinians in Israel.





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